WagWag: Finally a place where everyone will adore your pet’s photos! (VIDEO)

Support WagWag, a social network dedicated to animals and people who love them!

Anđela Španović from Banja Luka, together with her friends, launched a unique campaign to create the WagWag application, the first social network dedicated to animals.

A friend and I jokingly mentioned how I constantly post photos of cats on social networks, and then we concluded that our pets, our honorary family members, would benefit a lot from a network designed primarily for them. That’s how the idea was born”, Angela begins the story for MONDO.

She says that through volunteering and working with stray animals from the street, they concluded that many people are ready to help but do not know-how.

“There are many who helped, but lost contact with these animals because it is impractical to expect someone in another state to maintain contact with 10 people who participated in its rescue after adopting the animal. WagWag would solve both of these problems by creating profiles of organisations and individual animals with which they would be easily “in contact” without violating the privacy of the owner”, says Anđela.

WagWag is also conceived as a platform that benefits breeders, for example, horses, who are looking for another animal to mate, but additionally much more than that.

“It is impossible to explain all the advantages of the application in this way, so we invite people to be open and consider whether they or their association or company could benefit from this platform, and if they are interested in cooperation, contact us”, added our interlocutor.

Although many people and organisations take care of animals voluntarily or professionally, the way this community connects is poorly organised.

Currently, most animal communities are locally grouped on the social network, and this is one of the primary ways of communication. These communities are mostly made up of volunteers who are in the same area, and all have a common goal of animal safety.

Saving an animal is a complex process, and if an individual tries to do so, he can facenumerous challenges. It is a structure that connects volunteers, veterinarians, and shelters that are funded by sponsors. Shelters take care of the animals until they are adopted by the new owners who represent the final link in the chain. All these people play a significant role in the animals’ lives, and in the end, they want to be sure that this living being is safe and adequately cared for.

Animal breeders face the same problem. How can anyone be sure that the animal they are breeding will end up in good hands? Furthermore, how can all the people who met and helped the animal stay in touch?

The WagWag app would be the missing link in that chain.

“The benefits of this platform are numerous – it would help associations to accommodate their protégés more easily, to make donations easier, and it would make work easier and save time for everyone in the chain. To achieve this, we launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Our goal is to collect the necessary money in the next 23 days, “says Anđela.

The project costs a little more than 30 thousand euros, and the campaign on  Kickstarter  lasts few next weeks.

Anđela is a young architect from Banja Luka who herself adopted cats from the street, and today they are the stars of the promo video for the campaign.


Her team, she says, is made up of friends with whom she launched the project, but also all those who help make this story a reality – whether you donate or spread the word about the WagWag app, to reach as many people as possible.

These are just some of the animals that the WagWag team has taken care of so far:

Visit their page  or YouTube  channel, find out more and if you think the idea is good – donate as much as you can.

Source: Mondo.ba

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